The Peninsula Deanery Rotation of O&G Trainees

There are five hospitals in the Deanery in which ‘run-through’ O&G training takes place. It is expected that trainees will rotate during their training to at least 3 of the hospitals.

At entry to the Specialty, trainees are offered their ST1 placement according to their ranking at national selection.

The ST2 year and ST3 year are linked and will take place in one of the 4 larger units so rotation between units is expected after ST1, ST3 and ST5.

ST4 and ST5 may be in one or two units, depending on a number of factors.

ST6 and ST7 are usually undertaken in the same unit as ATSM training takes place over 2 years.

After time ‘out of programme’, a trainee will usually return to the same unit they left.

Each year in February, the School Administrator will circulate a ‘Trainee Preference’ form. Trainees may select 2 units they would prefer to rotate to and explain their professional reasons for doing so. Trainees have 4 weeks in which to fill in the form and return it to the Deanery.

The Head of School and the TPD’s will meet to discuss the allocation of trainees to each unit and the rotation of trainees will be agreed. At this stage, some trainees may not be allocated to their preferred units so there will be discussion with these individuals prior to publication of the rotation.

By May 1st each year, trainees will be notified of their placement in October.