Training at ST1 and ST2 level

The Trusts offering training at these levels are as follows:

Doctors in training moving to ST2 from ST1 will either remain in their current hospital trust or will be expected to rotate to another trust within the region to undertake their ST2 year. This will be based on the vacancies available and the training needs of the individual.

Doctors in ST1 posts will work in both Obstetrics & Gynaecology to learn the basic elements of the specialty and in general are allocated to consultant teams to maintain continuity of care and supervision. Doctors at ST1 and ST2 level will be closely involved in day to day management and admission of inpatients, patients undergoing elective surgery and obstetric patients, always under appropriate supervision.

They will initially observe and then participate in the antenatal clinic and outpatient gynaecology work. The specialty of obstetrics & gynaecology offers unparalleled opportunities to learn practical procedures and surgical skills such as suturing, caesarean sections and instrumental deliveries and minor gynaecological procedures. A wide range of presenting problems can be seen and experienced, ranging from high risk obstetrics, maternal medicine, infertility, menstrual problems, sexual health and cancer.

Good personal skills and ability to prioritise are required to deal with sensitive area of practice, high levels of emotion and successful working with teams of nurses, midwives and other doctors. Successful candidates will be expected to make progress in the completion of the basic training sections of the RCOG log book and to contribute to departmental educational meetings and audit. Teaching programmes are organised in every hospital in the region. Details of the rotas and timetables in each hospital are constantly under review and will only be available nearer the time of the start of the post.


Training at ST3 level

At ST3 level Doctors in training will be expected to gain the necessary competencies by rotating throughout the region in order to gain the relevant experience. The Obstetrics and Gynaecology rotation includes the following hospital Trusts and Doctors in training should be aware that they may be expected to rotate to some or all of the following:

The length of time at each post may vary and is dependent on training needs. 


SWOT Information

Postgraduate training is shared between Peninsula and Severn. More information can be found on Severn Postgraduate Medical Education