2018 Syllabus (from 01/04/2018)










 RD&E   Derriford   Torbay   North Devon 
Abortion care - now moved to ASM        X    
Acute gynaecology & early pregnancy  2  X  
Advanced labour ward practice  1  X    
Advanced lap surgery for excision of benign disease  X          
Benign abdominal surgery: open & laparoscopic  X  
Benign Gynae surgery: hysteroscopy 1  X  
Colposcopy  1  X  
Fetal medicine  2  X        
Forensic gynaecology        ?X       
High risk pregnancy (previously ad antenatal practice)  2  X  X  
LW lead  1  X  
Medical Education   X    X      
Menopause         X      
Obstetric medicine (previously maternal med)  2  X    X  X    
Oncology   X    
Paediatric & adolescent gynaecology               
Sexual health     ?X          
Subfertility & reproductive health  2  X      
Urogynaecology & vaginal surgery  2  X