Management of Fitness to Practise (FtP) Concerns

A key function of Revalidation and the remit of the Responsible Officer (RO) is to ensure that concerns relating to a doctors fitness to practise are identified and appropriately managed.

The FtP Concerns process for trainees is managed by the relevant department depending on the training programme the trainee is in. The RO and the Revalidation team will provide oversight of the process and guidance on the management of specific cases as required.

The role of Educators in identifying and addressing concerns

Educators and employers are initially responsible for identifying any concerns regarding a trainee and assessing any impact on their fitness to practise.  Although many concerns are best dealt with locally and within the training programme the RO should be informed when there have been significant concerns identified and where any local restrictions to a trainee’s work have been required.

The RO / Revalidation Team must be immediately informed of any concerns which warrant GMC referral or result in suspension of the trainee’s employment.

The RO / Revalidation Team are able to advise Educators on the appropriate next steps regarding a trainee for whom a concern has been identified.

Specific Roles within HEE SW relating to management of concerns

Postgraduate Dean/Responsible Officer 

  • Responsible for the delivery of the RO function, including accountability for the identification and management of concerns involving trainees.
  • Agrees the appropriate course of action for management of individual FtP concerns, making referrals to the GMC where appropriate.
  • Reviews action plans and agrees closure of cases.
  • Liaises with the GMC fitness to practise team.

Associate Dean for Revalidation / Revalidation Manager

  • Ensures that concerns are reviewed in a timely manner and any immediate concerns are identified and flagged to the RO or Associate Dean.
  • Identifies cases which require RO or Associate Dean input or review.
  • Receives and logs all concerns/potential concerns flagging those which require immediate review.
  • Provides guidance to the RO on the management of concerns.
  • Oversees the processing and reviewing of concerns and associated action plans.
  • Liaises with the GMC fitness to practise team.
  • Follows up on action plans and updates case logs as necessary.

Professional Support Unit (PSU)

  • Provides support to any trainees referred as a result of the FtP Concerns Process in line with the ‘South West Trainee Support Policy’
  • Advises the group on support available to trainees and when referral might be appropriate.

Key Contacts

Responsible Officer
Dr Geoff Smith

PA – Jo Crinson 01752 590625

Associate Dean for Revalidation
Pen – Dr Hugh Lam

Sev – Dr Jon Francis

Revalidation Manager 
Anastasia Stanton

Professional Support Unit