Documents and Forms for Revalidation

Form R

Form R Part A

Form R Part B

HEE are doing all we can to support trainees during this challenging time and to ensure that you have access to educational and professional support services. You may have seen the Covid19 ARCP Supplementary Guidance which includes information relating to the completion of a trainee self-declaration form which will supplement the Educational Supervisors Report (ESR). The trainee self-declaration has been incorporated into the Form R Part B and provides an opportunity for you to self-assess your progress up to the point of the pandemic and declare how your training has been impacted due to COVID-19. There is also an opportunity to flag if you have concerns about your training or wellbeing, however, we would remind you that you can access our Professional Support and Wellbeing service at any time and details are available on our website.

The Form R is broken down into two parts (A and B). You will need to undertake the following actions:-

1. Please complete Part A and B in full, sign and date

2. If you have been in a training placement (i.e. not on statutory leave or career break) then please send a copy of the Form R Part B to your Assigned Educational Supervisor via e-mail.

3. A copy of the Form R Part B must be uploaded to your E-portfolio.

4. A copy of Form R Part A and B must be returned to the Deanery

Each ARCP should have a fresh Form R, which should be completed beforehand, but no earlier than 30 days before the ARCP date.

Wider Scope of Practice

Wider Scope of Practice Form

A Wider Scope of Practice form should be completed for each role you undertake in your capacity as registered medical practitioner outside of your training, and for which you do not have an appraisal. All such roles should be declared in the Scope of Practice section of the Form R.

COPMeD Guidance 


OOP Supervisor Report

OOP Supervisor Report

Trainees on Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) or Out of Programme for Research (OOPR) are required to submit a progress report as part of their annual ARCP process. This OOP Supervisor Report standardises the information ARCP panels receive for trainees on OOPs that do not count towards training, and ensures that the information required for revalidation is included. Please see our guidance on OOP and Revalidation for more information.

Educational Supervisor’s Questions

The Educational Supervisor’s report now includes additional questions regarding concerns and investigations relating to conduct, capability, serious untoward incidents (SUI), significant event investigations or complaints.

Exception Reports

Exception Report Template

Exception Reports are the mechanism by which LEPs and employers can inform the RO of any concerns regarding trainees that are logged by their organisation’s clinical governance systems. Please see our Exception Report Guidance for more information.

ARCP Outcome Form

ARCP Outcome Form

The ARCP Panel will determine whether or not there are any causes for concern, based on the information provided in the Form R, ES Report, Exception Report (where applicable) and any other relevant information, and the chair of the panel will relay this to the Responsible Officer via the ARCP Outcome form.

What Revalidation means for you...

Revalidation Guide 

A brief guide for doctors in training and doctors leaving training, this leaflet aims to help you understand the basics of revalidation.